Inductive Energy Transmission - Industrial Applications

Below there are shown some schematic views for inductive application with sample photos. Generally LJU can design and provide all required components ranging from power supplies to drive control. As the Pickup outlet is standardized with 48V, 56V or 560V its is also possible to combine with 3rd party inverters, chargers or controls - please do not hesitate to contact our specialists!
Charger for mobile transport units     

The system generates electrical energy according to the induction principle, similar to the primary/secondary transmission of a transformer. The transformer comprises a primary and secondary coil on a common, closed ferromagnetic core. This causes a high degree of coupling, however does not allow any relative motion of the two coils between each other. For energy transmission of the used inductive system, the primary coil is "stretched" to a long conductor loop, i.e. the power loop. It is laid in the floor. The secondary coil is wound around the open ferromagnetic core in the pickup and fitted right above the power loop. In this way, a relative motion of the two coils between each other is enabled. The power pickup with its coil arrangement (open transformer) and a controlling device connected internally on the load side, draws power from the magnetic field of the power loop and thus supplies the required direct voltage to the frequency inverter in the connected trolley controller.

As an alternative solution to the linear transmission on the track it is also possible to do stationary charging in parking positions or system required stopping points via charging plates - see next slider.

Charging plate and Charging controller     

The charging plate has been designed to power up a 800W floor (flat) pickup. It generates a field corresponding to a 100 A floor loop system. One power module can feed up to 4 charging plates. Alternatively standard floor loops could be used as primary coil.


DC/DC Transmitter - Charger controller
The processor controlled charging management board can control the power supply for mobile transpot units or for controlling the chargin process for batteries by a connected power pickup. There is an integrated 24V controller providing up to 8 A to the external consumers. Input voltage range is between 40V and 60V, a chopper for regenerative brake energy is on board. For internal use there are 24V and 5V outputs available.

Electrified Monorail Application


EHB Induktiv   Electrified Monorail with inductive Energy transmission



Skillet   Skillet with inductive energy supply

Floor Transportation Platform Application


Boden   Self steering platform with inductive energy supply

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