LJU Automatisierungstechnik GmbH provides control solutions for Electrified Monorail Conveyors (EMC), Industrial Floor Conveyors, Floor Transportation Systems, Inductive Power Supply and other related technologies. You are invited to use LJU's experience in a wide variety of applications.


The name of LJU stands for more than 30 years of experience in design and production of controlling equipment and solutions for Industrial conveyor technology. Our products are used in automotive plants in body shop, paint shop and final assembly, in warehouse logistics centers and many other locations worldwide.
There is a large variety of tailored devices available for any kind of demand. Ask for your solution today!

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Electrified Monorail Controllers

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Communication for Industrial Conveyor Systems

Railbus and inductive bus communication ready to use. Full access to mobile devices. Exchange your data between mobile controller and HMI plant level.
New - The iDM Busmaster System from LJU!

Inductive Power Supply

Various Components for inductive Power transmission. Power supply devices, inductive pickups of various shapes and power categories. Qualified application assistance available.
New - Charger system for Carry, Charger plates and Controller!