AGV – automated guided vehicles

AGVs (automated guided vehicles) belong to the group of floor conveyor systems. AGVs move fully automatically and are normally used for transporting a product or an assembly within a factory. Different systems are available for the navigation, depending on the requirement. AGVs frequently move off induction loops left in the floor (a physical guideline). Data and power transmission can then take place contact-free via inductive technology. Even more complex is navigation by means of a virtual guideline using laser triangulation. When it comes to AGVs, maintaining operational safety is a particularly challenging task.

The control system takes on demanding tasks; e.g. the controlling of drive motors, the reading and the processing of sensor data, as well as the communication with a central computer. The following subjects show the diverse aspects and performance indicators.

Application Control system

Control system

  • Single-axis and multi-axis applications
  • Motor types BLDC / ASM / PMSM
Applikation Transmission


  • Continuous power
  • Transmitted power
  • Loading
Application Communication


  • Half waves / PCM
  • Bus systems
Application Safety


  • All safety categories –
    PL (A-E)
  • Certified hardware
  • Simple to complex
Application Operation


  • Diagnostic functions
  • Manual control units
  • Parametrisation
Application Funktionality


  • Freely programmable
  • Sensors / actuators
    • Switch
    • Bar code
    • Capacitive
    • Inductive
    • Lamp
    • Relay
    • Laser