System management with bus systems from LJU

Digitalisation has also raised the management of automation systems to a new level. Today the most complex system layouts can be implemented. Highly dynamic vehicles which can be assigned new destinations during journeys are spread out over widely ramified systems which keep the production process running in state-of-the-art factories across multiple levels.

LJU has been able to develop a powerful, scalable and proven technology through the many installations of the last few years. Hundreds of vehicles can be managed effortlessly through the interplay of bidirectional communication between vehicles and control systems and the exchange of this data with the master control unit.

iDM systems

  • Central management of all TCUs(Track Control Units) and vehicles through the MCU(Master Control Unit)
  • Management of system parameters through the MCU
  • Management of up to 1,000 vehicles possible
  • System function test through virtual commissioning
  • Configuration, visualisation and simulation of the system functions using software (iDM-SyMa)
  • Finished function blocks for the communication between PLC and MCU

Bus master systems

  • Decentralised management of all vehicles through the bus master
  • Management of system parameters through the Dkz
  • Management of up to 1,000 vehicles possible
  • Configuration of the system functions using software (DkzPara)

System management with PLC systems from LJU

Pulse-code modulation has been a method for transmitting signals and commands in a secure way for decades which is as simple as it is effective. The technology can be controlled even under the most adverse of conditions, because commands are transmitted via one standard contact line, and another for messages.

LJU was decisively involved in establishing PCM technology in the field of moving conveyor technology more than 25 years ago. Even now, this simple yet effective technology can be relied on for certain applications.

PCM (Pulse Code Modulation)

  • Up to as many as 190 commands can be generated with the central module
  • Implementation of medium-complexity applications possible

Half wave

  • 3 commands available
  • For the simplest applications
  • No special modules necessary for signal management

Customer-specific solutions

When no standard exists – Solutions for the most demanding requirements

To remain competitive in this day and age, ever greater demands are placed on automated production. In this respect, standardised products demonstrate their benefits, with their continuous production quality and market maturity. But sometimes "standard" will not do! Thanks to our in-house development department, we are able to design specific solutions which go well beyond the standard functionality. In this way, even the most difficult of tasks can be realised.