Control system

Control systems with technology from LJU

Today's automation tasks in industry are as diverse as the solutions from LJU which are behind them. Starting with simple single-axis transport applications through to complex multi-axis tasks in the automotive industry, such as the simultaneous movement, lifting and turning of heavy loads.

Products from LJU can be found around the world in many different sectors, be that for the transport of washing machines or the supply of assembly lines in automotive construction.

ST-87x / ST-88x – the compact

  • For single-axis applications
  • High level of operating convenience due to plain text messages, replication of settings using the DataCom stick
  • For motor types DASM, PMSM, BLDC
  • Very compact design with up to 3.0 kW of power
  • Project-specific software solutions

ST-89x – the flexible

  • For multi-axis applications
  • Completely individually configurable due to modular structure
  • Diverse range of uses due to free programmability
  • Compact design with up to 15.0 kW of power for DASM, PMSM

ST-79x – the classic

  • For multi-axis applications
  • Proven technology – In use for over 10 years
  • Completely individually configurable due to modular structure
  • Functional safety in different safety categories

Triac control system – the simple

  • For single-axis applications
  • Uncomplicated commissioning
  • Two speeds for DASM up to 2.2 kW

Secure systems with technology from LJU

Modern work processes spread the work between man and machine depending on their capabilities. Since it is not just the work space itself but often also the individual work step which is split between man and machine, the safeguarding of a system is a critical and complex task.

In this process, LJU technology not only meets the highest standards, but also simplifies the design and implementation of a comprehensive safety solution through clever solutions.

Simple safety tasks for single-axis applications (e.g. SLS safely limited speed)

  • Certified safety inputs in the control systems (ST-79xand ST-89x)
  • Safety modules between sensor and control system
  • Sensors for detecting the states (e.g. limit switch, speed, light curtain)

Complex safety tasks

  • Certified safety inputs in the control systems (ST-79xand ST-89x)
  • Programmable safety control system
  • Software for programming the safety function
  • Sensors for detecting the states (e.g. limit switch, position, light curtain)

Modernise systems with technology from LJU

The modernisation of a system by means of retrofitting is commonly a cost-effective solution when compared with reconstruction or continuing for many years with outdated technology. For this to be at all possible, the technology used for this must follow a consistent strategy.

LJU control systems are particularly well-suited to demanding retrofit measures. They are both function-compatible in order to support existing functions without additional development costs and connector-compatible in order to integrate effortlessly into pre-existing hardware. From a cost viewpoint, this means a system can be both modernised and have its service life extended.

Typical retrofitting tasks

  • Modernisation of all control systems while retaining the remaining system parts.
  • Replacement of own and third-party devices
  • Reproduction of third-party control systems

Customer-specific solutions

When no standard exists – Solutions for the most demanding requirements

To remain competitive in this day and age, ever greater demands are placed on automated production. In this respect, standardised products demonstrate their benefits, with their continuous production quality and market maturity. But sometimes "standard" will not do! Thanks to our in-house development department, we are able to design specific solutions which go well beyond the standard functionality. In this way, even the most difficult of tasks can be realised.