Engineering – over 30 years of innovation

Our own development department for hardware and software

At LJU, we can be rather proud of not just being an important supplier, but also an industry trailblazer.

Numerous innovations which are nowadays taken for granted and in use ubiquitously in fact originate from LJU. For example, the first freely programmable compact controller. We are engineers of great passion and try to improve our products continuously.

For this reason, we must sometimes also tread wholly new paths, as is the case with our latest product, the new 8-series control system. Although only on the market since 2015, this new control system is already a big success for us.

Customer-specific solutions

When no standard exists – solutions for the most demanding requirements

To remain competitive in this day and age, ever greater demands are placed on automated production. In this respect, standardised products demonstrate their benefits, with their continuous production quality and market maturity.

But sometimes "standard" will not do! Thanks to our in-house development department, we are able to design specific solutions which go well beyond the standard functionality. In this way, even the most difficult of tasks can be realised.


Function and connector-compatible for our own and third-party devices

The short innovation cycles in automotive construction force system operators into more and more frequent revisions and redesigns. As a result, the quicker and simpler a system can be modified, the more sustainable and profitable the operation.

Compatibility is the magic word. When developing our devices, we at LJU pay attention to compatibility, both in terms of functionality and connectivity. This applies not only to our own devices, but to third-party devices, too. This means retrofitting a system with LJU devices is straightforward, quick and cost-effective.