Overhead monorails

Overhead monorails move along a monorail system which is predominantly fixed from above, so the area beneath it is clear. All the suspension gear is powered individually and can move within the system across rail points and transfer stations. Power and signals are transmitted either across contact lines or inductively. Depending on the task, additional functions are possible, such as picking up, lifting or lowering loads. In this process, overhead monorails must carry out their tasks within the overall system in automated fashion. An overhead monorail system is designed so that even the failure of a higher-level PLC will not compromise operational safety and the individual overhead monorail vehicles can stop autonomously.

The LJU vehicle control system is the heart of every system. It assumes a key role when it comes to effectiveness and the safety of man and machine. The following subject areas show the essential aspects and performance indicators.

Application Control system

Control system

  • Single-axis and multi-axis applications
  • Motor types BLDC / ASM / PMSM
Applikation Transmission


  • Continuous power
  • Transmitted power
  • Loading
Application Communication


  • Half waves / PCM
  • Bus systems
Application Safety


  • All safety categories –
    PL (A-E)
  • Certified hardware
  • Simple to complex
Application Operation


  • Diagnostic functions
  • Manual control units
  • Parametrisation
Application Funktionality


  • Freely programmable
  • Sensors / actuators
    • Switch
    • Bar code
    • Capacitive
    • Inductive
    • Lamp
    • Relay
    • Laser