Skillet – lifting platform

Lifting platforms are stationary conveyor systems embedded in the floor. The most common application is the final assemblyof vehicles. In this context, the lifting platforms are contiguous, similar to a chain, and move forwards in tandem at low speeds. The area of the platforms that can be stood on is flush with the surrounding hall floor and all the mechanical and electronic components are located in a pit underneath. This means that assembly workers can ride along on the platform. Frequently a lifting tablebrings the car to the optimum work height in each case. Robots located on the sides can support personnel or even do assembly work themselves.

With the lifting platform, too, the platform control system is the brain of each system. It assumes a keyrole when it comes to effectiveness and the safety of personnel. The following subject areas show the essential aspects and performance indicators.

Application Control system

Control system

  • Single-axis and multi-axis applications
  • Motor types BLDC / ASM / PMSM
Applikation Transmission


  • Continuous power
  • Transmitted power
  • Loading
Application Communication


  • Half waves / PCM
  • Bus systems
Application Safety


  • All safety categories –
    PL (A-E)
  • Certified hardware
  • Simple to complex
Application Operation


  • Diagnostic functions
  • Manual control units
  • Parametrisation
Application Funktionality


  • Freely programmable
  • Sensors / actuators
    • Switch
    • Bar code
    • Capacitive
    • Inductive
    • Lamp
    • Relay
    • Laser